Biblical Research Reports on Divorce and Remarriage, Veiling, Headcovering, the Best Bible, House Churches, and more
Our mission is to provide you with in-depth Bible studies on various subjects, providing lots of scripture so that you can see the subject from God's perspective. In researching, we have found much error being taught in the church as truth due to incomplete Bible research and sloppy scholarship. As you read the research on this website, pray and ask God to show you His truth and give you understanding.
False Teaching

A Summary of the Immorality, Fraud and False Teachings of Bill Gothard
Bill Gothard was a master deceiver and liar. Because he appeared to be a very godly man, many never suspected that he would be deceiving them and lying to them. Meanwhile, he conned millions of people out of hundreds of millions of dollars and built an $80+ million dollar Bill Gothard empire ministry that was centered around him and his teachings while posing to be centered around Christ.

ATI: Designed Around a False Education "Principle"
The Advanced Training Institute (ATI) curriculum was promoted and sold to pastors and homeschool parents as the best homeschool curriculum in the world. Instead of being the best, it has failed horribly in many ways. The ATI curriculum was produced by Bill Gothard and his Institute in Basic Life Principles and was designed around a false education "principle" that produces results that are opposite of what Bill Gothard stated that they would be.

Doug Phillips, Vision Forum and the Bigger Picture
Doug Phillips, the founder and leader of Vision Forum and an influential leader in the conservative homeschool movement, admitted to having a lengthy extra-marital affair with another woman. This was a bombshell in the conservative home school community. However, Doug Phillips’ extra-marital affair is not an isolated incident of a conservative church leader being involved in sexual sins. There is a much bigger picture that we need to see.

Christ's Commands

The practical application of the Bible, the real meat, for us as Christians is Christ's Commands. Learn how to carry out the second half of the Great Commission — "Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you."

Christ's Commands in the New Testament
A list of all God's commands for us in the New Testament in chronological order.

Christ's Commands Listed in Categories
A list of all the commands in the New Testament in subject categories.
The Guaranteed Christian Success Formula
Do you wonder how to have a successful Christian life? Are you sick of the many plans and guidelines that you hear? Here's the key to true success in the Christian life.
Bible Translations

What is the Best Bible Translation?
There are a whole range of English Bible translations to choose from, and more keep coming out. Which Bible translation is the best one to study, meditate on, and use for our guide in faith and practice?

What is the best Bible Translation?The NIV Report (Condensed)
The NIV Report (Full Report)
The most significant subject facing the Church: The Bible and what has been removed, added and changed in modern translations in the name of scholarship. When two different translations say different things, which one is truth?
Music Research
Visit our website, Heritage Music, for quality recordings to fill your music library with beautiful, uplifting, worshipful music.

Is Music Amoral?
There is a debate among Christians: is music itself amoral? That question, while appropriate to ask, is actually viewing music from the wrong perspective, or more specifically a too limited perspective. It is amazing how much of the debate centers around the opinions of people and very little is based on the Bible.

Why Decidedly Godly Music?
Godly music is more than an issue about what one likes or dislikes. The real question about Christian music is not what do people like, but does God enjoy our music, or is it noise to Him?

Why You Should Sing in Your House Church
Singing is a very essential part of our worship of God and needs to be a part of every house church. Our desire is to help you as best we can to make a beautiful, joyful sound in singing praises to our God. God loves singing, and loves to hear us sing praises to Him.

decidedly godly christian music is music amoralMusic for Children
The music that you and your children sing and listen to is more important than you may realize. The songs that we sing and listen to permanently shape our understanding of who God is...

What Music Should Children Listen To?
Children need to be given good, solid music if we want them to grow spiritually through music.

How to Make Spiritual Truths Stick in Your Mind
The songs that we sing and listen to permanently shape our understanding of who God is and what the Christian life is all about. Educators readily recognize that information in song form is easier to remember. Songs that children learn are remembered the rest of their lives.
A New Look at Predestination and Once Saved Always Saved
A new look at what God says on the subject of salvation. Many verses for you to study on salvation. You may be surprised by what you find.
Divorce and Remarriage

Divorce and Remarriage — Why Didn't We See This Before?
The church has a lot of "answers" about divorce and remarriage, but still many people feel like they don't have God's answer. After doing the research for this report, I had to ask, "Why didn't we see this before?"

The Effects of the Headcovering on Divorce
Is there a correlation between Christian women wearing a headcovering and the divorce rate among Christians? Is the Church reaping the consequence of ignoring the headcovering in the high rate of divorce and the destruction of families among Christians?

Video – Covenants, Vows and Christians: A Look at the Scripture
A video discussing several questions about marriage, divorce and remarriage according to the Bible: is the adultery in remarriage an act or a state? Do the marriage vows of the remarriage invalidate the vows taken with the first partners? And what if the remarried couple got married prior to becoming Christians?

Video – What the Bible Says About Divorce and Remarriage
An overview of what the Bible teaches about marriage, divorce and remarriage.

The Head Covering

For more information on the headcovering, visit The Headcovering Directory.

Myths About the Headcovering
There are a lot of false teachings about the head covering, false teachings that have been passed from commentary to commentary, from professor to student, from pastor to lay person. We have heard them so often many believe them to be true, but research shows clearly that they are false.

The Style and Size of the Headcovering
Should a headcovering be a certain style or color? How much should it cover? Should a church require a specific style?
The Church
Visit our Free House Church Resources website for more Bible Study and House Church resources.

The Key for Lasting Revival
The way to have a lasting revival seems to be elusive. There have been many revivals in the past, but few are still bearing fruit today. Here is the answer from the Bible on how to have lasting revival.

Contrary to Popular Opinion, College or Seminary Education is not Beneficial for Pastors
God is quite clear in many passages of Scripture, and through the example of Jesus, that higher education is not beneficial for pastors. Ignoring all that God has written about the subject, most churches require at least a college degree if not a seminary degree for their pastor.

Totally Rethinking Church Part 1
Millions of Christians in the last several years are totally rethinking what "church" is and are looking for a deeper relationship with Christ. Much of what defines what the conventional church is, how people are fed spiritually, and how money is spent by the church does not have a specific basis in Scripture.

sheep biblical instructionTotally Rethinking Church Part 2
Lessons learned from how sheep feed, will totally reshape your understanding of God's design for the house church and how people are fed spiritually.

Totally Rethinking Church Part 3
A Refreshing Change for House Church Leadership.

Preparing for the Future of the Church
A proposed change in the spiritual education of children and young people. How we train our children and young people has great bearing on the spiritual commitment of the next generation.

How to Turn the Hearts of the Fathers to Their Children
The key for lasting revival. Many fathers feel inadequate in knowing how to turn the hearts of their children to them. Here is the answer from the Bible.

Home "Sunday Schooling"
The answer for the Spiritual education of our children in the home church. In the House church we have the freedom to look at what God's design is for the spiritual education of the children and implement that rather than feeling like we have to make our home church a small replica of the conventional Sunday school.

Miscellaneous Subjects

Paul Said What?
You often hear the phrase "Paul said..." Yet, is that really accurate?

Why We Do Not Have a TV
A set of two posters listing the Scriptural reasons why our family does not have a TV. Designed to be printed out so that you can display them in your home as well.

Peace in the Old Testament
An overlooked fact in the Old Testament that makes a strong case for Christians not being involved in the military.

How to Double Your Giving
An idea from Scripture on how to double your giving to Christ's Kingdom without reducing your spendable income.

Singleness: A Peek at God's Perspective
It is interesting to look at marriage and singleness from God's perspective. It gives us a bigger and clearer picture.

How to Become a Christian
Are you a Christian? If not, here's how to become one!

Why Non-Christians and worldly Christians are so prosperous financially
Many people teach that prosperity is God's blessing, and that those who are not prosperous are disobedient to God. Yet, many wicked people are also wealthy and prosperous. Here's why.

"Bodily Exercise Profiteth Little"
"Bodily exercise profiteth little". We've probably all heard this quote from 1 Timothy 4:8 at one time or another. Some quote it to give them license to sit around. Others retranslate it to say "bodily exercise profits for a little time". Both take the fragment of verse out of context.

Farming Based on the Word of God
In Isaiah 26, God says that He teaches the farmer how to farm. Therefore, Christians should be the ones with the answers, and the best methods on how to farm.

Gold Miners' Bible Study—Taking Bible Study to a New Level
Find out how to set up your computers to dig deeper into the Bible as a family than you ever have before.