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What Music Should Children Listen To?

It is important that children listen to and sing hymns and other Godly music that we normally think of as being for adults, in addition to songs that are geared for children. In fact, children need to be saturated with hymns and other decidedly Godly music. Here is why:

  1. Children learn a lot about God through the songs they sing and hear. Hymns are rich with spiritual truths. Many hymns in four or five verses will have 25 or more different spiritual truths that are expressed, while many children's songs have only a few spiritual truths in each song. It is amazing the concepts about God and the Christian life that children learn when they are saturated with songs that are loaded with spiritual truths.
  2. The songs that a child learns are remembered for a life time. As parents we are preparing our children for adulthood, not childhood. It is important that they learn songs that they will want to sing the rest of their lives.
  3. Hymns and Godly music aids in giving children maturity. God states this in Psalms 144:7-12. If we rid ourselves of ungodly music and sing a new song (a decidedly Godly song) then "our sons will be as plants grown up in their youth and our daughters will be as corner stones (stable and mature) polished after the similitude of a palace."
  4. Decidedly Godly music ministers to all age levels: the unborn to 100+. When my wife and I sang in a choral group, one of the things that stood out to me was that children four and five years old would sit and listen intently for an hour and a half! None of our songs were children's songs. In fact, some of the songs could probably be classified as heavier adult songs.
  5. Children enjoy decidedly Godly music because it ministers to their spirits.

Are we saying that children should not have children's songs? No! But we are saying that it is time to rethink the philosophy that the world has taught us that children should only be given what is on their age level. That is one reason why young people are so immature today. We need to give our children hymns and Godly music that will bring them to spiritual maturity.

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